2023-24 Breathing/Meditation Workshops

Come join Matt Cooper, Counselor for Faculty and Staff, for a breathing workshop (Wim Hof) that provides mental and physical health benefits. Then followed up with a meditation session that teaches different meditation techniques (5 minutes of silence with instructions on how to be with thoughts, body scan, intentional practice, close with gratitude).


Boost immune system, Improve mental health, Increase sport performance, Relieve stress, More energy, Improve sleep, Increase willpower, Reduce inflammation in the body, Lower blood pressure, Increase concentration, Supports Endocrine System (hormonal system).

This workshop is offered weekly on:


It is advised against practicing the WHM if you are dealing with any of the following:

  • Epilepsy
  • High blood pressure (in case of prescription medication)
  • Coronary heart disease (e.g. Angina Pectoris; Stable Angina)
  • A history of serious health issues like heart failure or stroke
  • Or pregnant
Published: Dec 12, 2023 9:02am