Exercise & Fitness

At Health Promotion for Faculty and Staff (HPFS), we prioritize the well-being of our faculty and staff members and their immediate families. Discover a comprehensive suite of exercise and fitness opportunities designed to cater to your unique preferences and goals.

Group Exercise Classes

Join our invigorating group exercise classes, tailored to all fitness levels. From heart-pumping cardio sessions to rejuvenating yoga, our classes foster a supportive community atmosphere, encouraging you to thrive in your wellness journey.

Personal Fitness Facilities

Access state-of-the-art personal fitness facilities equipped with everything you need for a well-rounded workout. Available at both Varsity Gym and Levine Hall locations, our facilities provide a welcoming environment for independent exercise, allowing you to personalize your fitness routine at your own pace.

Personal Training Program

Elevate your fitness experience with our Personal Training Program. Led by certified trainers, these personalized sessions focus on strength, cardiovascular fitness, nutrition, and accountability. Choose from convenient session structures, including weekly appointments, make-up weeks, and optional assessments.

New and First-Time HPFS Members

If this is your first time using Health Promotion facilities or signing up for group exercise classes, please review our Getting Started guide and fill out the appropriate forms.

You can also download the WellnessLiving mobile app to conveniently manage class and facility registrations.

Facility Check-Ins and Cancellations

Check-In for Varsity Gym, Levine Hall and Hickory locations

Whether you are using one of the Health Promotion gym locations for a personal workout, group class or personal trainer session, we ask that you please check in by using the Sign-In kiosk when you enter the facilities. Simply provide your appstate email address and click the "Check In" button on the kiosk. If you are arriving for a personal training session, your trainer will come out to meet you once you are signed in.


If you are unable to attend your group class registration, please use the WellnessLiving app to cancel your reservation – this will free up a space for another participant!

Weight Room Orientations

Embarking on a weight training journey or in need of a refresher on equipment usage? Our weightroom orientation is tailored just for you. Suggested for newcomers or those seeking a form and alignment tune-up, the weight room orientation is a 45-minute appointment catered to your schedule, goals, and wellness profile.

Whether you're a beginner or someone looking to enhance your technique, our weight room orientation offers personalized guidance. Reach out to Stephanie McDaniel at mcdanielst@appstate.edu to learn more and set yourself on the path to a confident and effective weight wellness program.